What’s a bogan?

Ah, a very interesting question. I’ll be upfront: I’m not going to systematically define bogan. In short there are Kiwi bogans and there are Aussie bogans and then there is their international cousins. However, I will give a definition for the purpose of this website. Basically it revolves specifically around the type of music you’ll usually hear emanating from a bogan’s house. Think rock, think metal and you’ll be on the right track. If it helps, Acca Dacca (AC/DC) and Metellica are the most often cited bogan bands. That’s the bit that the ‘bogan’ in ‘boganbuddha’ is referencing.

Ok, so what’s the ‘buddha’ part of ‘boganbuddha’?

This comes from the practice of compassion towards oneself, other human beings and ultimately all sentient beings.

So, ‘boganbuddha’ is?

A reference to what I am part-time and what I want to be full-time. I like a bit of rock, sometimes I even like a bit of metal. I also appreciate the importance of compassion. Listening to the former is pretty easy for me, practising the latter is a work in progress.

And the baking and cooking bit?

My preferred way of eating is animal friendly; it’s what suits me best. A vegan diet that avoids animal flesh, eggs and dairy is what suits me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Combine the part time bogan, the quest to cultivate metta bhavana and the happiness that baking and cooking brings me and you’ll end up at theboganbuddha.

Do I have to be a bogan to like this? Do I have to a vegetarian/vegan?

Absolutely not. After all I’m only a part time bogan. You don’t even have to like rock (sometimes even I don’t feel like rock and instead emerge myself in other genres). You can choose to eat meat, dairy and eggs. I did at one point in my life. It’s all up to you, it’s your choice.

In the end, it’s all about choice.

I believe that we have choices in life (be it music, food, whatever) and we all have a responsibility for those choices. Some of us choose (either through willful ignorance, innocence or apathy) not to be in control of that responsibility and in doing so allow themselves to be robbed of freedom. They lose the freedom to actively choose who they are, what they become or do and where they go in life. When it comes to the fuel you consume for your body, all I ask is that you know about what you’re eating. Know where it started and how it made it to your plate. Then ask yourself honestly: are you happy eating what is before you knowing all that? If you’re fortunate enough to choose and control what you eat then you should enjoy it because it is a blessing.

Who is theboganbuddha?

theboganbuddha is Lizzie from lizziemeates dot com. I have posted recipes on that site, however I felt that the need for a separate site for that content. So I created theboganbuddha and I hope to include reviews of receipes, my own recipes and other kai related material.

Acceptance speech time: to whom does theboganbuddha give thanks?

My mother, grandmother and aunt. Three women who growing up influenced me for the better with how I approach food.

My Dad, ‘cos cooking isn’t just for girls. He should me how to make the most of very little.

My biggest vegan influence is, without a doubt, Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I bought Vegan with a Vengeance in a moment of serendipity. I wasn’t even a committed vegan at the time. It was something that just felt right. That purchase was the beginning of a long process that resulted in me starting this site and becoming fully fledged vegan in August 2012. Combine her with Terry Hope Romero and you have the vegan tag team of awesomeness.*


*Addendum: I was lucky enough to meet Isa when she visited Ms Cupcakes in London. It made my day!

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